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Sell an Airplane

You may be thinking about selling your aircraft for any one of a number of reasons: to step up into a more sophisticated aircraft, to step down into an aircraft that’s easier to fly or less expensive to own, to acquire a new, technologically-advanced aircraft, to buy something that’s faster, goes further, holds more or is cheaper to operate… or to retire from flying altogether. The list of reasons is endless.

But in today’s market, selling an aircraft, if you attempt to do it yourself, is riskier than ever before. Buyers are looking for rock-bottom prices, so handling the sale yourself means, in all likelihood, leaving money on the table. Equally risky is using a bargain-priced broker without the personnel, experience, prospect networks, and negotiating stamina needed to move your aircraft quickly at fair market value.

That’s why you want to entrust your sale to Premier Aircraft Sales. Since 2003, Premier has sold over 2,000 aircraft, many to repeat customers. Premier is sought out by buyers and sellers who are in the market today. We are a leader in the sale of personally-flown aircraft both throughout the U.S. and abroad. As a result, we have bought and sold aircraft in 32 countries on six continents. We are the broker that produces results.

Premier helps owners sell in one of two ways: (1) by brokering your aircraft and (2) by purchasing it outright for inventory and resale in some cases.

Why choose Premier?

We’re 7 brokers in one…plus. When you sign a brokerage agreement with a representative from Premier, you are getting the power of 7 on-staff brokers, working their 7 individual networks and our qualified prospect data base, to actively market your aircraft. And unlike independent brokers, our lengthy cooperative relationship with other aircraft dealers means additional sources for identifying prospects for your airplane.

We know your brand inside and out. Our sales and management staff include ex-factory personnel from Cessna, Diamond, Mooney, Piper and Socata. Premier’s sales reps have extensive experience brokering all the largest-selling brands: Aviat-Husky, Beechcraft, Cessna, Cirrus, Diamond, Extra, Mooney and Piper, and Socata. Our portfolio of expertise extends to Aerostar, Bellanca, Columbia, Commander, Lake, Lear, Liberty, Maule, Pilatus, Pitts, Tiger and a host of other specialty brands.

We take trade-ins. Sometimes selling your airplane means disposing of the buyer’s. Unlike independent brokers and small dealers, we have the financial strength to take marketable aircraft in on trade if necessary to close your deal.

We handle the hassles. Buyers want to see the plane on their schedule – which often means nights, weekends, even holidays. We’re available when they are. And an aircraft needs careful attention when it is on the market. We make sure it’s “spic and span” with all squawks fixed before every showing.

Our own maintenance facility

We operate our own maintenance facility. This sets us apart from independent brokers. If something breaks on your airplane, it will be a top priority in our shop. Independent brokers must make an appointment at another maintenance facility, and your airplane can be off the market for days or weeks. Also, as an authorized service center for Diamond, Beechcraft, Cessna, Epic, Mooney, Cirrus, Continental, Lycoming, Austro Engine, and Centurion, we get your parts quickly, at a discount, saving you time and money.

We’re hands-on with important details. Your broker representative is personally involved in all aspects of your brokerage transaction from advising you on pricing and market conditions to marketing the aircraft, qualifying prospects, demonstrating your aircraft, negotiating your best deal, coordinating pre-buy inspections, resolving problems, and overseeing the closing and delivery processes.

We handle finance and insurance. Premier has long working relationships with all of the leading sources for aircraft financing and insurance. We also work with sources that can often handle the deals that can’t get done anywhere else.

We offer instant access to logbooks. Potential buyers rest easy after viewing your logbooks on

How will Premier market your aircraft?

Photos and spec sheets on our highly-trafficked website
Guaranteed placement in Controller Online, the gold standard for advertising pre-owned aircraft and the source of 85% of leads generated by pre-owned aircraft advertising.
E-mail blasts and targeted mailings to qualified prospects
Targeted, personalized e-mails to qualified prospects
Personal calls to prospects who are actively in the market
To learn more about how we can help you sell your aircraft, please contact us.

Premier Aircraft is your ticket to a new altitude

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