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Pilot Training

Your safety is our top priority. The most important part of each transaction is making sure you get the proper training in your plane. We arrange training as needed to make sure the transition is a safe and rewarding experience.

Transition Training…The Premier Way
We build relationships at Premier. The purchase of an aircraft is only the beginning. It’s the company’s goal to help customers maintain their new investment in like-new condition and become even more proficient pilots through additional flight training.

As our Founder Fred Ahles has often said: “We consider flight training for the new owner the most important part of every transaction.” Once a purchase has been made, Premier works with new owner on their training to help transition into the aircraft. We work with training partners and specialized/certified flight instructors to offer and complete this training. This is a great strength for Premier, as the company has built many strong relationships with these industry partners over our more than a decade in the business.

“The process starts with an evaluation of the customer during the demonstration flight. A customer’s flying and decision-making skills are observed on these flights to identify areas that need more emphasis during the transition training. This information is discussed with the buyer and mentioned to the training partner to develop a customized training program.

Once the transaction is closed, the buyer’s personally tailored training plan is put into action to ensure that they have a high level of familiarity and confidence when they depart with the plane.

Transition training is often a requirement for the buyer to obtain insurance on their purchase. The aviation insurance industry mandates certain levels of experience to operate high performance aircraft and this means only an approved course or training center will be recognized by the underwriter to provide the training for the type of aircraft. Insurance underwriters may also require mentoring for the first few hours of flight followed up by a few hours of solo flight.

A syllabus is a requirement for a good training program with a set of goals to satisfy a safe proficiency level when operating the new aircraft as Pilot-In-Command (PIC). One goal of Premier’s in this area is instructing in right learning environment, removing distractions so retention is at an optimum level. The training program is selected and designed for flexibility, so more time is spent on areas of development rather than on areas where there’s already demonstrated proficiency. Areas covered include: What will the aviator do at the end of training with an inflight emergency? Will they correctly react or panic? This must be determined by the certified flight instructor (CFI) before a completion certificate is signed. The professionalism of a trained CFI can provide the right scenario-to-solution diagnosis and plan with a mentoring program if needed.

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